Professional Women in Building Council – COVID-19 RESOURCES

**NOTE: This list of COVID-19 resources were compiled by the PWB of COHBA Exec Team.**

Government Resources: 
 – Senator Lankford’s COVID-19 resources on his web site.

Community Resources: 
 – KOCO: (if you sign up, they will email you updates for Covid-19)

Business Resources: 
 – Career OneStop:
 – Small Business Administration:
 – A blog post on Web Conferencing and Video Tools to help stay in touch, courtesy of David Strom, a colleague in St. Louis
Parents @Home w/Kid of All Ages, these links could help!! 
 – Local School District Websites
 – OurHome App   (helps with structuring tasks & calendars within small & larger families!!!  Providing opportunities for rewards & encouragement to do better!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND for all ages!!!)
 – Children & Adults and need help with keeping their & our mental healths strong!! This website could help in times.
 –  (Liberty Kids & other shows encourage learning while getting some screen time they think they need so badly… LOL!!)