The COHBA Logo Usage Guide

At COHBA, we want to help our members and partners build trust with their customers. We help our members build the right relationships to grow their businesses. In growing your business it’s important that your customers recognize you as a trusted and reputable company. One of the ways you can do this is by showing your affiliation with the organization that is trusted source among homeowners and new home buyers.

The best way to communicate this is by the proper use of our logo on your website and sales materials.

COHBA Logo Usage Guidelines

This logo is meant to be used by builder and associate members of COHBA and approved COHBA partners. These guidelines are designed to help you use our logo in a proper way.

Each element has been carefully designed and positioned using specific proportions.  Please, do not alter or redraw the logo mark in any way. It may not be altered in any way except to be enlarged or reduced proportionally.

Use of the COHBA Logo

  • Add creditability to your website by communicating that you are a trusted business through your membership in COHBA.
  • Add this logo to your marketing and sales materials to show your partnership with COHBA.
  • Members of the media and COHBA approved log websites may use this logo in their stories and blogs that pertain to COHBA features.

Get the COHBA Logo

We recommend using this logo in the footer, about us page, a sidebar or other places on your site where you display your membership affiliations.


Copy this code to embed the white background COHBA logo:


Copy this code to embed the transparent COHBA logo:

                COHBA logo transparent background

Parade of Homes Logo Usage Guidelines

This logo is to be used by the media, members and the general public when promoting this event. Please do not use any other forms of this logo, including changing the colors to a black and white version.


We appreciate your partnership and if you have any questions regarding the use of this logo, please Elisa McAlister, Executive Officer, at or 405.843.1508.