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The state of Oklahoma averages 52 tornados a year, so it’s necessary to build stronger homes that implement “weather safety” features.

During the aftermath of the Moore tornado, Home Creations was dedicated to helping Oklahomans hit hard by the storm rebuild their homes. This situation was near and dear to their hearts, as three of their employees lost their homes to the tornado.

Tornado Safety Home Features

infograph on tornado shelters

Home Creations includes three tornado safety features into all of the homes they build. They also provide homeowners an option to install tornado shelters.

little boy shooting basketball at Thunder game

When you live in OKC, you can’t help but be a fan of the NBA Thunder & Home Creations are the ultimate fans – they are currently a sponsor of the NBA Thunder. Home Creations not only follows up with their homeowners after they buy a home, but they also sent one of their homeowners to a Thunder game. The Benear family had fun at the game and their son, Lane, got to dribble the ball on the Thunder court.

Owners of Home Creations

Home Creations founders Jalal & Mohammad Farzaneh offer tips for other builders

  1. How did Home Creations begin?

Jalal Farzaneh, co-founder of Home Creations: “Mohammad and I came from Iran to the United States before the Iranian Revolution. After we got our bachelor’s degrees in May of 1981, we asked for our banker’s advice. We told him about our experience, and how we had worked with our father who was a builder back home. After that he lent us the money to build our first home in 1981.

  1. What brought you to Oklahoma and what is your favorite thing about this state?

Mohammad Farzaneh, co-founder of Home Creations: “We came here for educational purposes because Oklahoma is one of the least expensive states for students.  I would love to have a ranch; however I don’t have the ability to handle horses and cattle.”

Jalal: “One of our friends sold us on Oklahoma by saying this is the ‘best place to be with the best universities.’ Because of him, we decided to stay here in Oklahoma. We realized that this state has some of the nicest, friendliest people. Since then, we’ve had our children here and now call Oklahoma home. “

  1. What has been your biggest challenge to overcome in the homebuilding industry? How did you overcome it and what did you learn?

Mohammad:  “Our biggest challenge in the first few years was getting financing, since at that time, we did not have large capital. Soon after, we were able to overcome that roadblock by speeding up the building cycle and using the line of credit. Eventually in the late 90’s, receiving financing was no longer a problem for us. During the past 10-15 years, Home Creations along with our partners have been paying closing costs so customers don’t have to pay for it.

  1. What’s the most important 2015 trend for builders?

Jalal:  “The biggest trend now and over the next few years will be energy efficiency. Homebuilders have to make sure that their homes are going to be sustainable, and that we work hard to keep our natural resources protected. “

Mohammad:  “Looking forward, I would say that the next trend would be to have high tech components built into the house. For example, the industry will start making the house smarter so the air conditioning is cooling the house before you get home, or programming the lights on the porch to come on at a designated time. The challenge will be how can we make your house remotely controlled from wherever you are by your IPhone and increase your home security measures. “

Home Creations Team Work

A few years ago, Home Creations had the pleasure of being on HGTV’s ShowHouse ShowDown. After building lots of homes, they showcased some of their finished designs.

Home Creations Crew

Happy Customers

Testimony from Home Creations home buyer

Home Creations’ headquarters is located in Moore, OK, but they build homes all over the state. Their newest communities include Sleepy Hollow in Chickasha, Palermo Place in South OKC and Castleberry in Edmond. Visit HomeCreations.com to learn more.

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