Two Structures Homes Featured in the COHBA Parade of Homes Oklahoma City

Untitled1You’ve heard of city parade’s where families in the community gather around and the kids are catching candy while the town celebrities are smiling and waving at them.

Likewise, the Parade of Homes was created to gather families together from all over the city to show off our local celebrities: home builders. Multiple homebuilders showcase their homes in the Oklahoma City Metro area and families enjoy envisioning themselves in their future homes.

Maybe there is no candy thrown out, but attending this event is more than just sweet; it creates a lifetime of memories for you and your families to share.

There are many homebuilders participating in the Central Oklahoma Homebuilders Association’s Parade of Homes which will feature over 177 homes. We have chosen to do a member spotlight on Two Structures Homes, but plan to do more features on our homebuilders in the coming months.

Two Structures Homes


Jay Evans has been in the housing market for sixteen years. He originally started by flipping houses, but eventually became a new home builder. Two Structures Homes builds energy efficient homes utilizing OG&E’s Positive Energy Certification and the National Home Builders Certification process for green and high performance homes.

U.S. energy consumption could be cut by 11% by 2020 through simple building efficiency measures such as more efficient lighting, water heating, and appliances. Given this fact you could see why energy efficient home building is on the rise.

Interview with Jay:

Why have you chosen to build green homes?

“Green building is a process of continuous improvement. It is best practices for new home construction. Furthermore, it creates a healthier indoor environment, is more energy efficient than a standard code built home and it’s the right thing to do

Why are efficient homes important?

“By having a tight home your indoor comfort level is higher. We do this by reducing drafts, using high performance windows and increasing the efficiency of the HVAC system and insulation. Another benefit of a certified energy efficient home is that it must be proven by a licensed third party testing the home to ensure it was assembled correctly performs as expected.”

When considering buying new homes you may want to consider why new homes are truly an investment.


Jay’s customers are satisfied with the work he does and share about it as they settle into their new home.



We are thankful for all of our homebuilders and we will be celebrating with you as you journey through the parade this weekend.

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