Support Your Association and Renew Your Membership

Support Your Association and Renew Your Membership – Help promote professionalism in Home Building

Support COHBA
When you are a member of COHBA, Central Oklahoma’s Home Builder’s Association, you receive many perks and benefits. From events to networking, training, etc., you are joining a quality association that is sure to boost you to the next level. The builders in our association are dedicated to growing the local building industry and protecting the home building field so that it remains the upstanding field that it is today. We are always looking for ways to add more benefits to our association and we strive to take care of our members. If you are a home builder in the Central Oklahoma area, you should truly consider joining our association, or renewing your membership if you are a current member.

Networking Opportunities
When you are a member of COHBA, you receive networking opportunities that you might otherwise not receive. You can connect with others in the home building field to make lasting partnerships and professional relationships throughout your career. Through our annual events, quarterly general memberships meetings, monthly area council meetings, and other opportunities, you are sure to meet someone you can team up with or learn something from. Being a member is also an opportunity to network your services and skills, creating opportunities for yourself and your business with other professionals with a like mind. COHBA also hosts annual events like the Parade of Homes, Golf Tournament, Street of Dreams, Fishing Derby, and Table Top Mini Trade Show.

Savings and Other Perks
Because COHBA is affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders, we can provide certain perks to our members that other home builders associations cannot. For example, we can provide our members with special discounts on services and products that you need for your business on a regular basis. You and your business can also benefit from the discounts you can receive on liability insurance from some of the top insurance providers in the business.
Other insurance discounts include workers compensation insurance, vehicle insurance, home insurance and general liability. Every business needs these insurances, so think of the money you will save by receiving the discounts through our membership.

Membership is important to us, and supporting COHBA through becoming a member or renewing your current membership allows us to continue supporting the home building efforts in Central Oklahoma. We want to see this industry continue to flourish and thrive, so your support matters!