How Subcontractors Make More Money Through Networking

Networking Business

You know you’re good at what you do. You pour your heart and soul into your business. Every time you finish a job, you look at it with pride because you know how much skill it took to get to the finished product. You welcome a challenge.

You’ve worked a long time to build solid relationships with your customers. You have a reputation for quality. Now it’s time to grow your business through networking. Here are some ways to start.

Get Involved in Trade Associations and Trade Shows to Connect With Others

Don’t just join, go to events. Not only will attending trade shows help you connect with customers, you’ll find other contractors you can rely on. Find out whether you have a connection with another company before you work together.

Membership in a Trade Association Helps You Network Within Your Field

Check out what your competitors are doing. Talk to flooring experts to find out what’s trending in the same kitchen and bathrooms where you’re about to install cabinets. Showcase your work to builders who need your services. Carry business cards so you can swap.

You Get Referrals for New Business and Help Things Go Smoothly on Site

When you’re installing those cabinets, you have already built relationships with the builder and the flooring expert, so you can communicate to help each other work more efficiently.

Go Online to Increase Your Networking Capabilities Exponentially

Use social media to expand your business. Create an account on platforms like LinkedIn. Use it to connect with potential customers and industry leaders. Include recommendations from past customers. Join industry-specific groups to expand your knowledge.

Make a Facebook account for your business and keep it updated. Include photos of jobs as you complete them and provide a place for customers to comment on your work. People love to share their home improvements with their friends. The photo your current job posts may be what leads to your next several customers.

Use Twitter to reach more people and provide links to updates. Search for relevant topics and see what other people are saying.

Networking Helps You Find Mentors

When you run a business it all falls on you. Most days it’s nice to be the one at the top. But sometimes things get tough. Sometimes you need advice. Networking puts you in touch with experts in your field. Some have years more experience than you do and are glad to share their knowledge. Find someone you can contact when you need a fresh perspective. Shift that weight off your shoulders so you can focus on what you do best.

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