The Spike Club and Reaping it’s Benefits

Created in 1953, the Spike Club is an organization that rewards COHBA members that help grow membership through recruitment. This enables the organization to grow bigger, bringing stability to the association. The efforts presented in recruiting new members also lead to developments that shape the core of the industry and our association.

Excellent Rewards Await for Accomplished Spike Members

Spike club members are those who are able to accumulate a total of 6 to 24.5 credits. They are entitled to several rewards to honor their contributions to the whole home builder’s organization.

Among such rewards included is an invitation to the yearly Spike Party and Director’s Reception and other unique perks depending on the level of achievement, plus a year-round VIP treatment. Being able to attend the coveted party invitation allows you to develop networking opportunities amongst other players. It increases your visibility in the market and recognizes your efforts to help in the organization’s sustainability and growth.

Becoming a Spike and the Requirement You Need to Possess

In order to become a Spike, you need to be a candidate first. This means earning an accumulated credit score between one to five and a half. When you have earned more than the required allotment for a candidate, you automatically become an NAHB Spike member.

Credits can only be earned by recruiting or securing active membership of your recruits with the NAHB. A ¨Wall of Fame¨ also acts as motivation for members regardless of whether they are new recruits or a currently retained member. A place on the Wall of Fame allows you to have a close relationship with fellow elite and exclusive members who have the same professional goals as you.

Excellent Rewards that Work Towards Company Growth

The rewards for achieving organizational goals are as intangible as the amount of recognition you gain. This home builder’s organization encourages exclusivity amongst those working for the same goal of expanding the whole council and making the industry as stable as possible. These rewards not only act to recognize your efforts but also to expand your business horizon by forging a good relationship towards other Spike members.

Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association has been one of the most successful Spikes in the industry. Their services extend towards client satisfaction, giving every homeowner quality products that last a lifetime.