Sign Up for Voter Voice

If you’re not yet on the Oklahoma State Home Builder Association’s “Voter Voice” system, you’re not fully leveraging your influence for our industry.  Voter Voice is a very efficient way for us to communicate directly with our state legislators regarding important legislation that affects the way we do business.

I know…maybe if you’re like I was at first, the idea of communicating with legislators sounds a little intimidating.  What do I say?  What if I don’t know them?

Well, I realized long ago that it’s not always about who you know, but more importantly who knows you.  As a constituent, your legislator represents you and you need to make sure that they do know you.  Voter Voice is one easy way to make that happen.

Why should I sign up?

Our industry is under attack on many fronts.  Economically, socially, and even more so politically.  Never before have there been as many issues and laws that affect our ability to do business.  Everyone from builders to laborers has a voice and deserves the right to conduct business without the undue interference and influences of big government.

What if I don’t have time?

You can sign up as quickly and easily as reading this post.  Once signed up, responding to a call to action can take as little as 30 seconds.  If you don’t think you don’t have time now to do this, you’ll have plenty time to do it if you didn’t do your part to help stop bad legislation and over-regulation!

So how do I sign up?

Easy.  Just go to our Voter Voice Registration Page.  Fill out the quick questionnaire and submit.  Boom, you’re done.

What do I do next?

When your help is needed on a legislative matter, our OSHBA Executive Officer, Mike Means, will send out a “Call to action.”  It will be an email that explains the issue and will include a link for you to click.

The link will take you directly to your own special page on the Voter Voice system.  It will know exactly who you are, what your contact info is, and who your legislators are.

What do I tell my legislators once I’m at the Voter Voice action page?

That’s easy, too.  We’ll handle the wording.  You’ll find a draft email already written that you can use or modify with your own personal touches.  Once you’ve done that, you click the designated “send” button and you’re done!

Have a question about Voter Voice or OSHBA?  As your OSHBA Representative to COHBA, I invite you to email me at