Sharing Your Expertise for Professional Credibility

You have a voice

If you are a professional in your field, it is helpful for both yourself and for others if you share your knowledge with others so that they can learn from what you know. At Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association (COHBA), we believe that sharing your knowledge, experience, and expertise is a way for everyone to grow, including you. Read further to find out how sharing your expertise can benefit you and increase your credibility.


Sharing your expertise can help you get the recognition that you deserve. By sharing your professional expertise, you are bringing attention to your work and your knowledge. This can truly motivate you to continue doing the quality of work you are doing and serves as a motivator when your coworkers and management give you the credit you have been longing for. The more you share, the most others will recognize your knowledge and value what you do.

New Ideas and Networking

Another great benefit of sharing your knowledge and expertise is to create networking opportunities and generate new ideas. Networking can bring about a world of opportunities by meeting new people and sharing what you know with them. When you share your knowledge, you might just get the attention of others who want to collaborate with you on ideas or projects. Networking also brings about the opportunity to work with others that you haven’t worked with before. Working with new people often brings about new ideas and opportunities. Creativity is at its best when people work together.

Sense of purpose

Finally, sharing your knowledge and expertise gives you a sense of purpose. By knowing that your knowledge is valuable, you can feel proud of yourself for what you know and have accomplished. Sharing your knowledge also allows you to help others, which in turn makes you feel good and gives you a desire to continue sharing that knowledge for years to come.

COHBA is here to help all of our professional members reach their potential and we welcome anyone who is willing and able to share what they know with others.