What Makes a Home, Your Home?

According to a 2016 American Community Survey by the US Census Bureau, around 63 percent of households own the home they occupy while the 37 percent are renting the units they live in. There are states that are outliers though, like Oklahoma for example. Of the one and a half million housing units in Oklahoma, one-million and three hundred thousand of those houses are occupied by homeowners, which totals to around 88 percent. That means Oklahoma has a higher than average numbers of homeowners.

Owning your own house in Oklahoma is simply inevitable; houses here cost around $149,000 while the national average is $211,000 and the weather is a lot more stable, with the state receiving 300 days of sun each year. Oklahoma is also relatively younger, with a big chunk of its population being 34 years old.  With lower costs, a younger and growing population and a relatively positive outlook, Oklahoma, especially Central Oklahoma, is a good place to get a home.

Finding great houses is the first step, and there are a lot of great resources you can tap into to find the home of your dreams. For example, one event is the Parade of Homes, which is a big open house event for everyone interested to get a house in Central Oklahoma. You can also find great deals through the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association, a directory of reliable home builders and trades people.

Once you have the best house that is meant for you, you can then start changing that house into a home. Here are a few things you can do to make that home your own castle.


  • Make your home have great ambiance through colors. While the houses offered are already very easy on the eyes, you can make it even more beautiful by adding colors to give it accents. For instance, adding a darker hue of the main color as borders can give it a more stable feeling while a few accent walls can give the house not only more ambient but also give it more personality.


  • Give it some life. Putting plants near and inside your house gives it, well, life. Not only will having plants around your house make it look good, your body will love (except for those who have pollen allergies).


  • Share your memories. You can hang photos about your family or your travels. You can also make a corner be a family wall, where you can place souvenirs from travels or other interesting stuff, like medals or items with sentimental value.