How Being Involved with a Home Builders Association Can Improve Your Business

Business Networking

As a home builder, you might be considering becoming a member of a home builders association. If you have yet to make the decision, read further to find out how being involved with a home builders association such as Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association (COHBA) can improve your business.


Being a member of a home builders association such as COHBA provides you with a sense of credibility as a home builder. As a COHBA member, you will have access to discounts on insurance policies and group health insurance policies through the National Association of Home Builders. Insurance is a vital part of your business and the advantage of discounts can be a great benefit. Another credible aspect of being a home builder is your advertising.

As a member of COHBA, you will have ample opportunities to advertise your business to other members of the association as well as to the public. We can offer your business ads in our publications, sponsorship of meetings and events, and many other advertising opportunities. You will also always have a voice for local, state, and national policy discussions.

Other Advantages and Opportunities

Being a member of a home builders association like COHBA also comes with a number of additional advantages and opportunities. When you are a member of a home builders association, you will come into contact with many other professionals through various meetings and other networking opportunities. Networking brings about new ideas and relationships that can work to your advantage. COHBA holds meetings, luncheons, and other activities throughout the year that provides you with valuable opportunities to meet other professionals and make contacts that can benefit you professionally.

In addition to networking, being a member of a home builders association also provides you with opportunities for continuing education. By being a member of COHBA, you will have access to monthly educational seminars on topics related to the home building at little to no cost to you. Continuing education is often required for many licensures and is also the best way to stay current with techniques and practices in the home building business.