Gain Exposure as a COHBA Member When You Share Your Expertise

Voice of the experts

A COHBA membership offers more than invitations to luncheons, insurance discounts, and continuing education opportunities. Many builders and associates use their memberships to share expertise with the community, improve digital reach, and play an active role in the industry. If you aren’t engaged in any public outreach or marketing activities, consider partnering with COHBA to build thought leadership and get more from your membership.

Experience Sharing Opportunities with COHBA

Like other service industries, the building industry is about networking. The more professionals you know and connect with, the more business growth and sustainability you will enjoy. As the real estate market continues to bounce back from the latest downturn, use your COHBA membership to increase your reach and secure more business. Here are just a few of the ways our members get involved everyday:


  • Volunteer to speak at an event. While attending our general membership meetings, special functions, and events provides valuable networking opportunities, we also encourage our members to step up and speak at events. Do you specialize in a particular construction style or offer a niche product? Share your expertise and experiences with others to help them and help you build connections and grow within the COHBA community.
  • Speak up online. If you’re not interested in public speaking, consider expanding your voice in the digital world. Like and share COHBA information on your business’s social media site. Let us know when you post an expert blog or get published in a trade magazine. We’re happy to connect with our members online if we know about their value-added works.
  • Participate in an event. Many of our member builders take advantage of the Parade of Homes events we host every year. Participate in our annual events to showcase your work in the community, gain visibility, and find new business opportunities.
  • Advertise with us! Whether you’re targeting clients within the membership or out in the community, COHBA prides itself on its community connections. We frequently offer members advertising spaces online, in print publications, and at the many events that we host throughout the year. Find out more about advertising

Engaging with the membership and community through COHBA is a low-pressure way to gain visibility and find new connections. Share your industry expertise, build a following, and generate new leads when you partner with COHBA to gain leadership in the local homebuilding industry. Contact us today and get involved.