Best 5 Design Ideas for Your Backyard

Ideas for your landscaping

Outdoor living areas provide space for entertaining or escaping from busy lifestyles. They give families a place to gather or room to spread out. They might include a pool, a fireplace, an entertainment area or extensive grounds.

Custom landscaping adds value and desirability to a home. Add these elements to your existing yard or plan them into your dream home.

Plant an Organic Garden

Make your yard beautiful and grow healthy produce at the same time. Choose plants that thrive in your zone. If you’re buying seedlings, check the local farmer’s market. If you don’t have much space, plant in raised beds along a fence line. Add ornamentals to make your yard look like an English countryside or fairytale escape.

Put in a Fire Pit or Fireplace

Fire gives people light, warmth, and a place to gather on chilly winter evenings. It draws them in and invites them to stay. Fire pits can be small enough to fit on a table or permanent fixtures in the ground. Choose a fire pit design style that fits your taste and needs.

If you have room for an outdoor fireplace, you’ll add value to your home. Outdoor fireplaces will attract buyers when it comes time for resale. Add a fire grate for cooking on those long evenings outdoors.

Use Stone to Direct the Eye

Build a low stone wall around three sides of your patio to make it feel more intimate. Use pavers to create a separate space for your fire pit and chairs. Make a wandering path of stepping stones so the eye curves deep into your landscape and feet long to follow.

Add a Water Feature

Maybe you don’t have room for a pool, or maybe you don’t want the expense and the hassle. You can still add a pond, fountain, or hot tub. Here are some benefits of each:

  • Fountains supply a focal point and the gentle background noise both soothes and makes hot days feel a little cooler.
  • A pond improves the look of your property and provides water storage. Use pond water on your plants and you recycle decaying pond material into the environment.
  • Hot tubs increase circulation and provide stress relief.

Build a Pergola or Gazebo

Gazebos and pergolas are easy-to-install features for any landscape. They provide shade but have open sides that allow air to circulate. They’re freestanding, so you can put them next to a structure or in the middle of an open area where you need shade the most.

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