How Building Green Can Improve Your Business

Green Home Building Oklahoma

If you build green you will attract more customers. Customers want energy efficient high-performance structures and long-term sustainability. They want their homes to look like it’s part of the environment and have less impact on nature. Find out what building green means and how to bring it to your clients.

What Is Building Green?

Green building or sustainable building means the house you build uses materials that don’t harm the environment. Everything about the building is designed to use resources efficiently. From the first planning stage, everything about the home is focused on conservation.

Why Is It Important?

Human beings are using resources at an alarming rate. We know we’ll eventually run out, but that’s not really the driving factor behind building green. People see the way we are devastating the environment and they want to make it stop.

Humans pollute the ocean and kill marine life. Vehicles and power plants pump chemicals into the air around the clock. Cattle ranchers and loggers destroy forests. Something in the human heart cries out in alarm at the pace of the destruction.

Green building allows homeowners to make a difference in how they spend their home building dollar. It makes it easy for them to use less on a daily basis. Create something beautiful that will help the environment as long as it stands.

How Can Contractors Start Building Green?

Focus on energy efficiency in everything you do. Here are some green building ideas.

· Choose location carefully. Minimize sun exposure by building homes that face away from the afternoon sun.

· Look for energy efficient appliances. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) places an ENERGY STAR label on appliances that meet regulations for energy savings.

· Insulate. Instead of conventional fiberglass insulation, protect your customer’s home with green options. Customers are choosing insulation made from soybean foam, cotton, or Icynene, which is made from castor oil.

· Use sustainable building materials. From the flooring to the roofing, choose products that are environmentally friendly. Incorporate reclaimed lumber and recycled glass to add beauty and character.

· Install energy efficient windows. Look for the same ENERGY STAR rating on windows that you see on appliances.

· Choose tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters only heat the water customers use. It’s available on demand. Less energy is spent warming what’s just sitting in a 50-gallon water heater. There’s no wait and no waste.

· Make it a smart house. Programmable thermostats reduce energy usage. Install lights that are LED and can be dimmed or shut off automatically. Include programming for the sprinkler system that is satellite-adjusted to account for rainfall.

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