The Benefits of COHBA Membership

As a home builder, you need to be more than an excellent builder. You need to let the public know you exist and what you have to offer. It can be tedious to spend time marketing your company, especially when you would rather be doing what you do best – building! To that end, you will find being a member of the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association (COHBA) a useful tool. There are a number of benefits you’ll enjoy as a member.

Networking and Discounts

You can’t build a home in a vacuum – you rely on products and services throughout the process. As a COHBA member, you can network with other professionals. Members often provide discounts for other members, so you could save on many of the expenses you incur as a homebuilder. Other discounts are available for all members. Examples include insurance, credit card processing, office equipment, and building materials.

Logo Usage – Image

You qualify to use both the state and national logos on your marketing materials. This boosts your image as a professional and gives home buyers more confidence.

Parade of Homes

As a COHBA member, you can take part in the annual Parade of Homes for a nominal fee. This provides you the opportunity to showcase your homes and other services. The publication materials hit the target audience, saving you time and money on advertising.

Continuing Education

Along with monthly educational seminars, you’ll have access to various continuing education opportunities. These courses cover topics such as training your sales team, how to market effectively, and learning about the newest building techniques. You can also work toward obtaining certifications. Many of the courses are free, while others are very cost effective.

Support the Industry

Your membership fee covers both the local and national association and the association uses the fees to advance the homebuilding industry. Have a voice in important matters and policy discussions that can influence the future.

The Spike Club

You can take an active role in the COHBA as a “Spike” in the Spike Club. The club is dedicated to recruiting and retaining members. There are a number of benefits involved with being part of this team.