Become a Member of COHBA to Increase Your Business

Member Benefits

The Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association (COHBA) is a not-for-profit trade association that has represented home builders in the area since 1943. OKC builders have benefited greatly from COHBA’s leadership, networking, and guidance in the last several decades, getting their homes on the coveted Street of Dreams and Parade of Homes. Becoming a member of COHBA has many perks – not the least of which is increasing your business. Here’s why you should consider joining.

Gain Access to Valuable Networking Opportunities

Networking is a critical cog in the wheel of business success. Becoming a COHBA member immediately puts you in connection with important people in the industry. You will get to know other members and discuss your services and products with them. At monthly area council meetings and quarterly membership meetings, you can meet new people who can help you succeed.

There are also plenty of promotional opportunities for you, including the Street of Dreams, Parade of Homes, Golf Tournament, and Table Top Mini Trade Show. Showcase your talents at any of these popular events and gain the attention of crowds that come from all over Oklahoma. With more and more people flocking to the Oklahoma City metro area, these events present an incredible opportunity to reach the masses and stand out from the competition.

Save Big With Member Discounts

Once you have the title of COHBA member, you will instantly enjoy myriad discounts and savings on products and services you use every day. For example, you will receive discounted rates on workers’ compensation insurance, as well as price cuts on builders’ risk and general liability insurance on new vehicle purchases. Take advantage of savings opportunities from top companies in the industry, including:

  • Avis
  • Geico
  • General Motors
  • Houzz
  • Lowe’s
  • RAM
  • UPS

Dozens of major brands extend special discounts to COHBA members on hotels, car rentals, office equipment, and more. Your membership is a gift that keeps on giving, with plenty of partners who want to help you succeed with lower costs and significant savings.

Join a Prestigious Group of Trusted Builders

As a member of COHBA, people will recognize you as a trustworthy local builder. You can reach families and young professionals who are coming to OKC looking for new homes, expanding your business and achieving organic growth. COHBA will ultimately give you more builds. Give your business the opportunities it deserves by signing up now. Contact COHBA for information about the application process and start your journey toward a more successful enterprise.