Associate Spotlight: Home Remodeling Trends

If GQ had a home remodeling issue, Southwest Builders would be on the cover.

There is however, a national publication called Remodeler Magazine where Southwest Builders was named one of the top 50 remodelers and added to the Remodeler’s Hall of Fame. They have been in the construction industry since 1973 and have worked on countless commercial and residential projects.

Think of your ideal room addition for your home and Southwest Builders can do it. Some of the projects they specialize in are residential room additions, patio covers, arbors, carports, sunrooms and solariums.

An Interview with Dale Pfundt owner of Southwest Builders:

What fuels your passion for remodeling?

I love addressing the variety of problems that are thrown at us every day that require us to provide innovative solutions to the issues. With remodeling, we never know what we are going to find when we tear out a wall, if the previous builder/ remodeler built things level and correctly, or whether shortcuts were taken.  For instance, if the floor, walls, or slab are unleveled, a decision has to be made to continue with what is there, try to level things up, or somehow split the difference with any new work. So, basically, remodeling is a model of constant decision-making and problem solving. I sometimes go home knowing that I have made over a hundred small and large decisions in a day “on the fly,” so there is a lot of satisfaction in knowing that I am good at that process. I have come to get enjoyment out of the challenge involved in being a busy remodeler.

How did your business start?

I started in this business almost 40 years ago as an office manager for a remodeling company. Within five years, I became owner of my own company and a few years later joined by my partner, Luke Lewis.   Starting a business is stressful to say the least, but we were fairly successful from the start, constantly growing our business volume each year.  The Previous office manager position taught me what problems to avoid, how to handle customers, suppliers, and employees, and a whole lot about the business. My business degree from OCU taught me the basics of how businesses become successful, so I would have to say that a combination of education, experience, opportunity, and luck put me in this business.  A talented and honest partner has kept me in it, and allowed us to continue to grow.

What kinds of trends do you see coming for the remodeling industry?

Important future trends in remodeling include anything that is “green.”  Younger customers are particularly interested in using materials that come from sustainable sources and that are energy-efficient. The other important trend, which has been going on for some time now, is our work for older clients, the “Baby Boomers,’ who are the majority of our clients. Many of these customers are down-sizing to smaller spaces, but want all of the luxuries they have earned. Those who stay in their family homes are adding new spaces, removing walls to make existing spaces flow better by being more open, and building everything new in a “universal” manner, that allows for better handicap access and makes their home ready for their senior years.  Part of this process includes much larger master bedroom/bath retreats.

What do like about being a COHBA member?

Membership in COHBA and the state HBA is a sign of professionalism and is respected by customers and peers alike. Membership in COHBA is a sign that we take our business and our work seriously. As members, we have many opportunities for fellowship, continuing education, and networking that is unavailable to many in our industry. Local and national HBAs provide resources and standards of practice/performance, and hold members accountable as professionals, all of which are very important to any business that wants to be taken seriously by its’ customers and fellow members.

What Southwest Builders clients are saying:

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