And They’re Off…

I’m writing this from my dry, warm, desk at home Sunday morning, as my wife, Robyn, and my nine year old daughter, Taylor, are running in the Kids Memorial Marathon.  I am watching it on TV while drinking coffee and listening to the much needed rain, blow against the windows.  I would actually love to participate in this Run to Remember, but I am taking advantage of this opportunity to get this MMU done and recoup from the race many of us ran last week.

Last week was royally busy!  Monday was our membership drive kick-off, Tuesday was our membership drive calling day, Wednesday was a great pregame associate and builder mixer at the Ponderosa Estates club house followed by our Thunder team’s victory, and Thursday we had a fun, fiesta themed, Big Truck Taco catered, Spike party.  Hey, and somewhere in there we all got to see the Presidents’ birth certificate and Friday we got to wake up to a wedding!  What a week! 

I want to thank Kelly Ranney, our membership chair for all she did leading up to last week and all of the associates that offered donations or discounts as incentives.  I also want to thank those of you that participated in last weeks’ events including our team leaders, recruiters, staff, and Gina Cox, our Spike chair for a great party!  The drive was fun and successful.  As it stands right now we have 44 applications and a few more that are waiting on signatures, checks, etc.  Thank You!  Now let’s all welcome these new members and help them get “Plugged-in”.

If for some reason you missed out on last week’s activities or had so much fun with all of your COHBA family last week, I’ve got good news.  This Thursday, (Cinco de Mayo), is Table Top Night!  Jan Conway, our Table Top chair, and Aaron LeClaire our Associates Council chair, along with their committees have worked very hard to put this together.  BUILDERS, this is for you!  There are 48 associate members that raced to get every available table in order to visit with YOU about their business.  BUILDERS, please show them your support!  Don’t forget to bring plenty of business cards.

One more thing as I continue to watch these dedicated runners…As we approach the finish line with the preparations for our Grand Opening Gala, it has been brought to our attention that our banquet facility needs a name.  Something catchy and maybe “home” related.  Please submit any and all ideas via e-mail to 

Have a Great Week!

Jim Schuff