Achukma Hoke

After reading the title for the MMU some of you are probably wondering if I sneezed out that title or of I’ve gone on a drinking binge. Actually, that is found at the top of the stationary at the Choctaw Casino Resort where we just held our State Home Builders Summer Convention. Achukma Hoke means, It Is Good, and it was! The resort was beautiful and quite family friendly with a very nice pool area for the kids. The attendance was also good. We had 140 this year which was up from 96 last year.

Jim Schuff at Cardinal Glass

While there I think I figured out why it’s been so hot here lately. We took a tour of the Cardinal Glass Plant and learned that they are producing approximately 500,000 tons of glass per day in furnaces that run 24/7 for up to twelve years at a temperature of 3,200 degrees. It was so hot that we had to wear oversized oven mitts and hold a small piece of plywood with a window in it, to look into the furnace thru a 6″x 6″ door while standing about 15′ away to keep from melting our own faces. They have a great relationship with ONG…their gas bill last month was over $500,000. While taking the tour, I noticed that they had the windows open, letting a lot of that heat outside.

Friday was education day for our Certified Professional Builders. The classes I attended were, “Advanced Framing Techniques,” and “Don’t Let Oklahoma Become the Next California.” In Advanced Framing Techniques, we looked at ways that we can use less lumber, not only to reduce the number of trees needed, but also to allow us to better insulate our homes. The other class was taught by a former CEO of the California HBA. We heard a number of comparisons between California and Oklahoma ranging from the length of time it takes to get things accomplished to the amount of money it takes. I think it goes without saying that we do not need anymore government intervention in our businesses here.

Speaking of our businesses here… for the first time ever Oklahoma now has a statewide code. As of last Friday, July 15th, 2011, the state is now operating under a modified version of the 2009 International Residential Code (2009 IRC). Remember the 2009 IRC is the minimum building code for all residential construction and that each municipality can require more than what is in this code. For more information you can go to www.OUBCC.OK.GOV.

Have a great week!