COHBA Works for You

This is a difficult time for everyone’s business. We are all struggling to hold things together in a difficult economic climate with uncertainty around every corner.

Despite the difficulties we all face, our association has never been a more effective advocate for our industry locally, statewide and at the national level.

We can’t continue this work without your help.

The rewards of building the houses and communities that people call home are immeasurable, but challenging. COHBA resources can help you build a better product, build a better business, and work in a more positive business environment.

First, please renew your membership. Doing this creates a sense of community – and that’s what we are. We are a team of like-minded individuals with a common vision. By everyone renewing their membership, it creates bridges and connections to other members you maybe would’ve not otherwise considered.

Second, recruit a new member. By doing this, everyone gets a chance to be a part of something greater.





Top 6 Reasons to renew that benefit YOU:

  1. Representation
    Your membership in COHBA gives you a seat at the table for local, state, and national policy discussions. Your membership adds to our collective voice on issues important to our industry.
  2. Insurance
    Both Builder and Associate members qualify for special discounts on insurance policies like Workers Comp, General Liability, and Builders Risk. Our members also have access to group health coverage through the National Association of Home Builders. For more information, call Rusty Appleton at (405) 843-1508 or email at
  3. NAHB Member Advantagenahb-logo
    As a member of COHBA, you are also a member of the Oklahoma State Home Building Association as well as the National Association of Home Builders. Your three-tiered membership entitles you to discounts on products and services you use every day.  To see discounts on GM vehicles, credit card processing, building materials, shipping and computers, visit
  4. Networking Opportunities
    COHBA is THE PLACE for builder/associate contacts. With the General Membership meetings, Area Council luncheons, evening meetings, and annual special functions you will have several opportunities a month to network with other members of the Association. As a builder, you will have the associate contact to learn about the latest technology available to you. As an associate, you will be able to contact more builders than in any other way.
  5. Continuing Education
    Both Builder and Associate Members have access to a multitude of continuing education opportunities at very low or no cost. COHBA hosts monthly educational seminars on the latest building techniques, marketing practices and sales training, just to name a few. Moreover, your membership entitles you to work toward professional certifications through NAHB and OSHBA.
  6. Advertising Opportunities
    COHBA offers myriad opportunities to showcase your product or services to our membership and the general public.  From ads in our publications, to sponsorship of our meetings and events, we can get your message out your target audience.  Call Rusty Appleton at (405) 843-1508 for more information on how to advertise through COHBA.




Visit NAHB’s toolkits to view some tips, tricks, and information for beneficial recruiting:

NAHB Toolkit

NAHB Membership Resources

Please see our membership applications below for Builders, Associates, and Affiliates.

Builder New Member Application

Associate New Member Application

Affiliate New Member Application

If you are a member, thank you for allowing us to serve you. We appreciate your loyalty to our organization.

If you would like to become a member or have any questions about membership, please give us a call at 405-843-1508.